Milwaukee Electronics Design Engineering Group services are designed to integrate with your engineering team. In some cases, the team may be the lead product development engineering resource, but in other cases our engineers simply fill the gaps in your engineering resources.


Support can include:


  • The ability to work with minimal documentation and/or upgrade the documentation as part of a product development process
  • Fine-tune design areas that the customer’s team doesn’t have expertise in such as motor controls
  • Iterate designs by providing prototype build support or handling other details associated with testing the design
  • Provide functional test strategy and fixturing options for a wide array of production volume and technological needs
  • Provide overflow engineering support (either onsite or at Innovation) that simply fill gaps in the customer’s internal resources.


Unlike many engineering firms who ramp up to support large projects with contract personnel, Innovation focuses on maintaining a core team that works over a range of projects. Some engineers support EMS-related activities, while others are working Innovation-specific projects. This approach level loads the core team and maintains personnel and expertise consistency over time. Most importantly, it allows the team to do one-off engineering projects or smaller support projects because the bulk of the operation’s overhead cost is absorbed by EMS-related projects. Additionally, because the team has significant interface with manufacturing activities, there is a strong focus on design for manufacturability and testability than might be found at a standalone product development firm.


Key areas of applications expertise include:

  • Embedded systems for industrial controls
  • Motor controller design
  • Test system design