Milwaukee Electronics has a demonstrated commitment to electronics design of custom solutions. Our electronics design engineers have an average experience of 20 years and on average have been with the company for 14 years. Because embedded systems is our speciality our engineers have to be proficient in software and hardware design. It is this breadth of capability that enables our engineers to come up with creative solutions that evade others. While the products we've worked on have been wide and varied over the years, our designs have repeatedly found application in industrial controls where reliability and robustness are critical design criterion. Our project experiences have enabled us to develop expertise in:

  • Brushless DC motor controls
  • Dryer controls
  • Motion systems
  • Industrial user interfaces
  • Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  • C/C++
  • CMX OS
  • Linux OS
  • MQX
  • Custom sensors
  • Industrial field bus communication
  • Low Current/battery Controls
  • Industrial Controls
  • Test Systems
  • Serial Interface such as USB/Ethernet/ModBus/CAN
  • Controls that serve out Web pages
  • High resolution color LCD graphics with touch screen
  • Generator Controls

Because our design engineering and manufacturing solutions are integrated, Milwaukee Electronics has built a capability to service customer needs from concept through obsolescence redesign. Our processes are built to welcome a customer at any point of the product development lifecycle. We can accommodate quick fire design projects that add value to an existing design or full electronics design of new products and integration into full-scale manufacturing

Milwaukee Electronics' designs are found in many different industries and settings. The application of our engineering services can be made almost anywhere. Our strength lies in our experience with embedded systems and microcontroller design and the ability to tailor the electronic design to meet our customer's unique applications.