Milwaukee Electronics' expertise designing embedded systems is a result of decades of design, manufacturing, and test of customer products over a wide range of applications. The design of customer tailored microcontroller devices for use as industrial controls is one of our core competencies. Our design experience spreads over a very broad range of industries and applications. We have designed motor and motion system controllers for the material handling industry, gas and fluid measurement and flow control devices for industrial process controls, and user management and dryer controls for commercial appliance manufacturers just to name a few. This broad range of experience gives our engineers and customers confidence in the effectivity of our electronic designs.

That experience based confidence is applied to our ability to help customers pass through agency compliance testing such as required by UL or the FCC. Our design process is based on past experience with agency compliance testing. This process provides us with the proper risk mitigation and contingency planning to ensure we can take a product through agency compliance testing with minimal rework.

Often a customer's needs require that their industrial control tolerate and thrive in very challenging electrical environments. Milwaukee Electronics' electronics designers are excellent at using a balance of hardware and software techniques to navigate successfully through these environments. We routinely design hardware filters for high noise environments, or hardware and software protection for high power applications. Some of our most creative work has be a result of low power applications where our designers have created clever pulsing schemes to either harvest power on intervals or decrease the power consumption of an otherwise power hungry component or device.

Milwaukee Electronics strives to design industrial controls with confidence so our customers can be confident in their products.