Being a company that integrates design and manufacturing of electronic components and systems creates opportunities to engage with customers on a host of related subjects. When, for example, customers come to Milwaukee Electronics to develop an industrial control, we are often exposed to their needs for fixturing, tools, or even product level design. Those needs often require more than electronics engineering alone. And, it is from needs such as these that our mechanical design capabilities have grown.

Milwaukee Electronics mechanical design engineers have solved customer problems ranging from the design of a simple functional test interface jig to concept creation, design and development of large mechatronic tools for characterization of customer product quality.

Our engineers have experience with:

  • simple to complex mechanical fixturing
  • motion mechanics
  • fluid interfaces and requirements
  • electronics packaging
  • extruded aluminum tool frames
  • custom product characterization testers
  • pogo pin jigs and interfaces
  • fluid manifold design
  • 3D modeling
  • design modifications for SLA and/or FDM 3D printing
  • custom housings with molded connectors
  • and more...

Our mechanical engineering talent, just like our electronics engineering talent, is integrated with our manufacturing capabilities to provide our customers with a broader range of solutions all under the same company umbrella.