A Synergistic Approach

Mechatronics combines electronic controls, precision engineering and mechanical systems. Not surprisingly, this requires a broad range of engineering disciplines with an understanding of electronics, precision engineered components and often motion control related disciplines such as pneumatics, hydraulics and optics. The Milwaukee Electronics Group is skilled in each of these areas.

We routinely help customers enhance electromechanical products with electronic controls. For example, we helped a construction equipment manufacturer increase the safety and functionality of a handheld concrete trowel by adding a microcontroller and gyroscope system, and later helped the same customer minimize product design costs by developing an enhanced version of that system for the next generation of their ride-on trowel.

We’ve helped revolutionize the conveyor industry via control and DC motor combination that enhances system configuration flexibility, power usage and networked motion control while minimizing the need to stock unique spare parts.

In short, if you are looking for innovative solutions that include adding electronics to electromechanical products or increasing functionality in complex mechatronic products, our team has the expertise and experience to identify the right solution.