Milwaukee Electronics' Design Engineering Group supports the design and build of custom small volume tools. From complete mechatronic systems to small mechanical adapters. Milwaukee Electronics' team of engineers and technicians adapt our expertise to specific customer requirements all with the aim of customer satisfaction. Located in Corvallis Oregon, our tool build group works with manufacturers and product developers at all phases of production.

Because we have found that many customers tool needs require significant robustness, longevity and flexibility, Milwaukee Electronics employs significant effort and resources to make particularly sure that the mechanical design and architecture of a custom tool is reviewed multiple times by our internal engineering team and with our customers. Frequently these tools will remain in service for multiple decades and are modified to meet the changing needs of a customer's product or engineering team. Milwaukee Electronics engineers takes pride in our ability to provide ideas, inputs and solutions that are often outside of the box. We also strive to leverage our extensive functional test and electronic design capabilities to deliver complete and cost effective solutions.

When it comes time to build the custom tool customers can rest assured that our tool builders have the experience and craftsmanship to deliver something that not only functions properly, but is clearly built with pride. Let Milwaukee Electronics translate your experiment into a reliable production tool.

Capabilities and Application

  • System engineering and architecture
  • Mechanical design
  • Electrical design
  • Software design
  • Mechanical fabrication and assembly
  • Electrical assembly
  • NFPA-79 compliant build and external certification
  • Extruded aluminum strut frames
  • Multi-axis linear motion systems
  • Early concept prototype and test
  • Fluidic systems and controls
  • Ergonomic design constraints
  • PCBA functional testers
  • Electrical test
  • Mechanical fixtures
  • Test equipment control and interface
  • Spring pin probing
  • Test and measurement