Having an in-house layout staff is one of the keys to Milwaukee Electronics' success in delivering effective electronics designs. Our pcb layout personnel are more than just CAD experts. Their CID+ certification is partial proof of the value they bring to the design process. Because we use in-house designers for our own development projects they have developed a broad awareness of circuit design techniques that reach well past the physical and into the logical designs. Milwaukee Electronics PCB designers can be relied upon to provide expert opinions about signal integrity, circuit design and even mechanical fit questions. Because they often provide QC support for first article inspection of new circuit board designs for manufacturing they possess tremendous understanding of board house fabrication processes which enables them to tailor their designs to meet cost requirements and industry standard capabilities.

Our designers also use a broad range of layout tools to meet both customer needs as well as specific tool competencies. Milwaukee Electronics has active use of 3 major layout tools; PADS, ALLEGRO, and ALTIUM. With these tools available in house we have the flexibility to match our customers design teams file formats and provide them with a usable PCB design master files. When a customer comes to us for layout they don't just go home with gerber files, but with a modifiable source.

The PCB layout staff at Milwaukee Electronics approaches each job with practical sensibility. We won't “draw” odd shaped geometries and features on a board just because a tool can do so. Our designs conform to a rigorous set of design for manufacturability rules that we have developed over the years. A customer can be confident that with a Milwaukee Electronics board layout they will receive a full design package with every file and output that is needed for a seamless transition to PCB assembly.