5855 N. Glen Park Road Glendale, WI 53209

Since our inception in 1954, Milwaukee Electronics has been focused on providing high-quality electronics engineering and manufacturing services. For more than sixty years, our core business and values remained unchanged but our brand has gone through an organic transformation due to innovation, diversification, expansion and the changing dynamics of the industry. At the turn of the millenium we adopted the acronym MEC and established local business units such as MEC Midwest, MEC Northwest, MEC Southwest and MEC Innovation.

As the company moves forward into its next phase of growth, we want to bring the best of our traditions, learnings and philosophies under a single name, and speak with one voice, to serve our customers in the best possible way. Our brand identity is returning to its roots - MEC is now Milwaukee Electronics - because it best represents a culture that has consistently won customer trust for more than six decades, and made us a successful American company.