Resourceful and Friendly.


Michael is a 25 year "Wall of Fame" Employee. "It's a family-oriented business and that's what has made me stay here so long. We stand behind what we say and what we do, and we give the customer what they want when they want it."

Machine Operator

Darin "Woody" is all about family. He credits his parents for his hard work ethic. What he enjoys most about his job? "Each day also brings challenges that require different strategies, skills, knowledge, and teamwork." Outside of work: he and his wife are busy watching all three of their sons play baseball or Track and Field. Darin is on our 25-Year "Wall of Fame."

Customer Account Representative

"Mr. Quality Guy" Roberto gets his nickname due to his passion for quality, teamwork, and new challenges. He enjoys riding his motorcycle to work every day. He enjoys family riding as well. Together they have participated in the 50-Mile family fun bike ride from Rosarito to Ensenada.

Quality Control Manager

Matt enjoys the opportunity to work on a diverse range of challenging projects. "We can give customers a level of personal interaction that larger companies cannot." If Matt could witness one historical event, it would be the first time there was electric light.

Software Engineering Manager

Tim's electronics inspiration came from early involvement in music and electronics. He enjoys the variety of projects he gets involved in at Milwaukee Electronics. Tim's words to live by: "Integrity, Work Ethic, and Honesty."

Senior Engineering Tech

Michael's key to success: "Adaptation. While most companies expect their customers to conform to how they want to do business, we instead adapt to how each customer wants to do business."

Project Engineer

Amanda is a "fixer" - If there's an issue, she wants to help solve it. "At Milwaukee Electronics, we are creative. We are committed. We care. We are people who think outside the box to find solutions for you that you didn't even know were possible."

Director of Human Resources

Working in PCB Manufacturing and Operations for almost 20 years, Scott enjoys being exposed to the next new opportunity. "It's a very gratifying feeling to see ideas become reality in the end products we ultimately Design, Prototype, then Produce." Scott's golden rule: "Treat people as you feel they would like to be treated."

Director of Business Development

Larry's inspiration for electronics sprang early. He had a morning paper route at age 12. "On trash day, I would dumpster dive for radios, stereos and clock radios. I learned to repair electronic appliances by locating similar models and moving parts between them to repair the device." Larry is on our 25-year "Wall of Fame."

Engineering Manager

Kellie loves working with people. "We strive to establish long-term relationships with customers. By having a cross-functional team, we are providing our customers with a holistic approach to their programs and projects."

Corporate Product Manager

"If you ask any employee what the most important part of their job is, it would be the customer. Understanding that I am only a small piece of the puzzle, Milwaukee Electronics is people working together for the good of the customer."

Buyer & Materials Supervisor

"Milwaukee Electronics is a company that cares... with a focus on Quality and On-Time Delivery. When I look for suppliers, those are the things I look for." Marybeth's slogan: "Do unto others as you would have done to you."


When asked what Cher enjoys most about her job: "I like taking care of my customer. We care about what we do, and we care about the customers. Perfect Product." What does Cher enjoy doing outside of work? "I like to play soccer with my husband. We have lots of fun together!"

Electronic Assembler

Jered enjoys seeing things grow. His love of people and his high energy drive him in leading his team to being a highly responsive and service-driven company. His words to live by: "Follow your bliss."

Chief Executive Officer

Duane enjoys connecting with engineers over technology. Duane spends off-time immersing himself in the Internet to keep current with the wave, looking to stay ahead on Internet marketing techniques, and technology in general. "Ever-changing technology is both my curse and my blessing."

Director of Marketing

Terry's slogan: "Get in the Game." "Serving many customers in many different industry segments requires flexibility and adaptability to the dynamic needs of our customers. Our goal is to seek ongoing improvement in all areas that we serve our customers."

Corporate Director, Continuous Improvement

While she is called "The Jokester," Pam believes in open, honest, and transparent partnerships and takes this very seriously. She most enjoys that this can be achieved in an atmosphere/culture that is also fun! Pam is one of our 25-year "Wall of Fame" employees.

Plant Manager

"When you're green you grow, when you're ripe you rot." One of the things Dan enjoys is mentoring college engineering students via our affiliation with the MECOP internship program. "When you stop learning, you risk becoming outdated or obsolete."

Strategic Account Manufacturing Engineer

"My dad was a coach and it's in my blood." Rick most enjoys coaching his team to reach new levels of success. "For me, teamwork is the #1 key to success. Our team cares about our customers." Rick's slogan is well known throughout Milwaukee Electronics: "Keep Serving!"

President, COO

Marco's key to success in the workplace? Team work. What does he enjoy most? "Working with our people. Milwaukee Electronics is an honest company, and is always looking to keep the customer happy (quality, on-time delivery, product prices)."

Engineering & NPI Manager

Tim's slogan: "Keep learning." "I started drafting when hand drawings were starting to be replaced by software. CAD has made it like a video game to me, learning the software, customizing it, and pushing it and myself to the limits to use the tool and learn more."


Russ's curiosity as to how mechanisms and electricity function inspire him in adapting to changing customer needs and the processes required to facilitate them to provide customer satisfaction. His other job is"Daily Fantasy Sports Consultant."


Avelyn's self-motivation is the key to her success. She continually challenges herself to bring the best result for every task, and to keep learning and gaining experiences in wider spectrum. Hobbies : Listening to Music, Flower Gardening and Traveling.

Director of Purchasing and Sourcing

Words to describe Manuel: Funny, Helpful, Friendly. "All of us at Milwaukee Electronics are really striving to give the best possible service to our customers, providing excellent quality, and on-time delivery."


The key to success: "Constant follow up, with all departments to get everything aligned to meet the goal. Do the thing right the first time. Do not go around problems."

Customer Service Manager

Seemantini is determined and enjoys challenges and responsibilities. Being a manager has enabled her to put her technical skills to work, as well as learning the managerial aspects of a running a business. Seemantini's slogan: "Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise."

Director of Operations