Mexico is becoming an increasingly good option for a wide variety of products. Aerospace, automotive, appliance and industrial controls are a few of the industries making significant investments there, often in support of a longer term strategy to sell products within Mexico. This isn’t surprising to our team at Milwaukee Electronics. We’ve long seen the benefits of focusing on offering customers a strong North American strategy. Here are some of the most significant benefits we feel can be achieved when doing PCB assembly or box build projects in Mexico:

  • Logistics simplicity. Our Tecate, Mexico facility offers the benefits of offshore pricing with virtually no finished goods inventory pipeline. Product is in the U.S. usually less than 24 hours after it is built. Our Portland, OR and Milwaukee, WI are optimally located to provide timely support within the U.S., as well.
  • Time zone compatibility. Our teams work hours compatible with our customers’ teams. This proximity also minimizes travel expense and eliminates the communication barriers that can develop when program management or engineering is located on the other side of the world and speaks English as a second language.
  • Cost competitiveness. Working with a global manufacturing partner makes sense when your product requires global manufacturing support. However, if your product really only needs North American support, does it make sense to pay the higher overheads associated with a supplier trying to manage capacity on a global scale? Often, a “right-sized” supplier is the most cost competitive choice.
  • Responsiveness. Closer proximity translates to faster response time in terms of personnel access and logistics. Our business model not only provides a responsive volume manufacturing footprint, but also prototype and DFM support solutions.
  • Good Fit for Mechanical as Well as Electromechanical Projects. Our facility in Mexico supports mechanical as well as electromechanical assembly projects.

If you are looking for an electronics manufacturing company capable of tailoring a superior quality solution that meets you needs, contact Milwaukee Electronics.