Quick turn PCB assembly

Our Screaming Circuits division provides quick-turn prototype PCB assembly and on-demand electronics manufacturing for those times when you need it fast or are not yet a point in the product lifecycle when you can plan out a forecast. Screaming Circuits is perfect for anything from a single board up to a few thousand.

Our prototype and short run PCBA assembly services include:

  • Online, real-time turnkey PCBA manufacturing quote and order - parts, fab and assembly in one quote
  • Machine-placed SMT assembly, whether you need a single board or a few thousand
  • Turn-times as quick as 24 hours from when we get your parts and files
  • No NRE or long-term commitments required
  • Multiple pricing options:
    • Full-Proto service: When speed is what you need
    • Short-Run service: When you need lower cost with quality and convenience