Global and Regional Focus

Milwaukee Electronics has developed a supply chain management process which centers on Lean manufacturing philosophy using quality vs. cost strategies that can adapt to customer needs. While our manufacturing facilities are located within North America, we recognize the value of global sourcing. For that reason, we established a Singapore-based International Purchasing Office (IPO) in 2011. This mix of regional and offshore sourcing sets us apart from many regional electronic manufacturers and allows us to better support both printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and box build projects.

Formal Supplier Approval Process

We utilize a formal supplier approval process with a third-party audit component as a fundamental part of our supply chain management strategy. Our recurring supplier quality review process includes a quarterly scorecard evaluation and business review meetings within our Preferred Supplier program. We measure overall quality, pricing trends, service/on-time delivery and partnering activities related to inventory turns, financial terms, internal feedback and communications.

Strong Relationships with Distribution

While Milwaukee Electronics offers robust global component sourcing options to fulfill customer requirements and volumes, we also have strong flexibility at a regional level, through relationships with several franchised distributors.

Integration with Program Teams

Our Program Teams understand the likely market demand trends to help each customer develop a forecast. We use an electronic datashare protocol driven by MRP to support demand side synchronization. This can be particularly important in variable demand PCB assembly. Our ERP system supports organization-wide inventory visibility.