Robust Functional Test Solutions

When customers don't have strong test expertise in-house, our team can help with both design for testability (DFT) recommendations and development of custom functional testers. Test fixture design and fabrication is also supported. We review your requirements and design rack-based test systems with mechanical interfaces. Software is written using National Instruments' Labview. Capabilities include standard electronics and electro-mechanical devices. Systems can include use of optical interfaces or automated visual inspection with cameras. Typically, these custom functional test systems are best for low-to-medium volume production.

We've also designed a Universal blue box functional tester using the National Instruments platform. It has a higher voltage test range and a standard logic test range with multiple channels on each. The system can be customized to interface with the product under test via wire harness or pogo pins. The system uses a suite of modular test software that is based on the National Instruments platform. Typically, this system supports low volume, higher test complexity production.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the test solution that meets their requirements and budget. If you are trying to minimize cost of test fixturing, we work within your desired cost parameters to provide the best fixtureless solution possible. If you want a more complex set of test or custom functional test development we support that, as well.