A Message From The CEO

Milwaukee Electronics was founded in 1954, offering services in circuit board design and PCBA assembly to the mining industry in the Wisconsin, USA, region. My father, P. Michael Stoehr purchased the company in 1985 with the mission of creating a business that would put customers first and be a fulfilling place to work for the employees serving those customers.

As the second generation to take the Chief Executive helm, it is very important to me to carry on my father’s customers-first legacy and to ensure that Milwaukee Electronics maintains the entrepreneurial spirit that has allowed the company to continually expand its range of services, maintain decades long customer relationships and provide careers for many dedicated employees.

Our services include:

  • Program management including supply chain and logistics management
  • Quick-turn prototype and on-demand manufacturing
  • End-to-end electronics manufacturing services including PCBA, box build and test

I understand that by becoming a customer of ours, you are trusting us with your future success. It is my mission as CEO to ensure that Milwaukee Electronics and its business units are worthy of that trust. Contact Us to see how we can serve as your manufacturing partner.

Chief Executive Officer

Experienced And Proven



Milwaukee Electronics began by integrating electronics into heavy machinery

Milwaukee Electronics begins by designing and developing electronics to support the heavy machinery in the Mining Industry, and establishes a design and manufacturing center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Completes First Microprocessor Design

Using an 8-Bit Microchip controller,
Milwaukee Electronics designs a fuel
management product for the
generator industry


Develops a local solution for high mix projects seeking offshore pricing

Milwaukee Electronics chooses the town of
Tecate, Mexico based on Tecate’s close proximity
to San Diego (45 minute drive) and fast border
crossing times.


Lean Manufacturing Implemented to Reduce Product Lead time

Milwaukee Electronics embraces Lean and begins our Continuous Improvement journey using Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques


Revolutionizes prototyping by creating the first e-commerce PCB assembly service

Milwaukee Electronics patents a process for machine assembly from cut-tape, and creates the first e-commerce PCB Assembly service, Screaming Circuits. The stand-alone business unit is dedicated to Prototypes and supporting Engineers


Asia Purchasing Office and India Tech Center Added

To support cost reductions and work directly with our Asia supply base, Milwaukee Electronics opens an International Purchasing Office in Singapore. The
supply base in China, Taiwan and Malaysia are
expanded to support North American operations.


Expanded Manufacturing
Capacity in Tecate, MX

In April, we completed a 23,000 square foot
expansion to our Tecate, MX facility allowing for
increased capacity and more robust capabilities.


Electronics began
by integrating...


Completes 1st


Develops a local
solution for high
mix projects...


Lean Manufacturing
Implemented to
Reduce Product...


prototyping by
creating the first...


Asia Purchasing
Office and India
Tech Center Added


Capacity in Tecate, MX plant



The pace of competitive change continues to increase and sourcing teams continually face new challenges. Engineering support staffs are shrinking. Market demand is difficult to forecast. Cost pressure continues to increase. In order to deliver extraordinary results, your team needs a responsive contractor who can seamlessly integrate into your product realization strategy.

Milwaukee Electronics has developed a business model that addresses key customer issues:

Comprehensive North American Manufacturing Solution

With manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, Oregon and Mexico, we offer both U.S. regional support options and a migration path to a low cost manufacturing solution for mature product. This model improves responsiveness, shortens finished goods pipelines and preserves U.S. jobs.

Focused Solutions for Product Development

Product development and early prototype phases require a unique mix of support services. Our business model uses strategic business units to address these needs, providing customers with focused, responsive teams for both product development engineering support and quick-turn prototyping.

Global Sourcing & Business Processing

Materials represents the bulk of product cost. Our International Purchasing Office (IPO) in Singapore helps ensure competitive offshore materials options. Our India office helps speed machine programming and access lower cost engineering support, as required.

A Culture of Responsiveness

We combine a Lean manufacturing philosophy with a strong program management model to provide efficient, rapid solutions to our customers' most challenging requirements.

Committed to our Business

Milwaukee Electronics is privately-held and financially strong. We have served some of our customers for decades. While we continue to evolve in terms of global reach and overall capabilities, our commitment to putting customers first remains unchanged.


Industry Experience

With over 70 years of experience providing product development expertise, printed circuit board
(PCB) assembly, box build and post-manufacturing, Milwaukee Electronics has significant expertise
over a wide range of industries.

A Complete North American Solution

Our facilities in Milwaukee, WI, Portland, OR and Tecate, Mexico support both customers wishing to have manufacturing in close proximity to their product development teams or manufacturing facilities, and those who wish to access the lower cost advantages of Mexico.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

While we have excellent PCB assembly capabilities, we are also a strong source for electromechanical and mechanical products. Our support capabilities in this area include potting, conformal coating, custom motor manufacturing, coil winding and the ability to design efficient work cell assembly operations for virtually any electromechanical or mechanical assembly project.

A Scalable Solution

Our Screaming Circuits subsidiary offers a range of solutions for prototypes and low volume production and is co-located with our Portland, OR EMS operation for easy transition to volume production. Our Milwaukee, WI location compliments our Portland facility by focusing on volume production and our Tecate facility is an excellent option for older margin sensitive products needing to migrate to a low cost country. We also have significant expertise with long lifecycle products and product near end-of-life.