Sometimes customers need a full set of integrated testing and evaluation of an electronic product. Milwaukee Electronics' test engineering capabilities reach beyond manufacturing verification and well into design validation.

Because of the tight coupling of our mechanical design, electronic design and test engineering personnel and capabilities. Milwaukee Electronics is well positioned to design, build and even execute test solutions that ensure that engineers and scientists who want to know the limits and capabilities of their designs can get the data and create the experiments that they need to take their products to higher levels of performance.

Often referred to as characterization testing or validation testing, these types of test routines and experiments seek to understand a product or designs limits (rather than verifying its nominal functional performance). When our customers come to us with needs of these kinds Milwaukee Electronics' engineering team responds by diving in to the specific technology and capabilities that are most important to our customers. We then design an approach or architecture that will enable the test regimens that need to be performed. From there we apply the appropriate engineers to design test fixtures, electronics, software, and automation that are necessary to deliver a robust test platform. Often times these platforms require certified safety and control, or may need a certain IP rating for protection against the elements. Regardless of the testing that needs to be performed, or the certification and environmental protections that are required, Milwaukee Electronics staff are ready to tackle the most complex of characterization testing for electronic product designs.