Milwaukee Electronics has a full range of potting capabilities in its Milwaukee, WI facility to support its electronics assembly operations. The facility has expertise with multiple potting compounds including urethane, epoxy, silicone and a higher temperature curing epoxy resin. Potting is done using Ashby Cross equipment.

Potting and encapsulation offers an excellent option for companies to protect their electronics from shock, vibration or other environmental concerns such as moisture.

There is no size limitation for potting and larger requirements are accommodated in manual mode. For small applications, Milwaukee Electronics personnel design and order the appropriate silicone molds. For larger potting requirements, the team helps customers analyze whether or not potting or a sealed enclosure is the most cost effective option for meeting their reliability goals.

Milwaukee Electronics has worked to optimize its potting processes in terms of environmental cleanliness and workplace quality of life, so fumes and contamination are not an issue.