Given that Milwaukee Electronics has been an electronic manufacturing services provider for over 70 years we have seen many different types of and requirements for electronic product testing. Our test engineering department has specified and developed many test systems for our customers. In the beginning these solutions have focused on functional test of electronic printed circuit board assemblies. However, as our customer base has grown and our capabilities matured we have found opportunities to develop test systems for other types of products, both electrical and mechanical, and for purposes other than just identifying manufacturing defects.

The breadth of our test develop capabilities spans the following:

  • PCA functional test
  • Full system electronic test
  • Mechanical functional test
  • Product capability characterization testing
  • Custom experiment test machines
  • Automated test systems
  • Product family test platforms

Because our breadth of test development opportunities is so broad we have tremendous experience with a wide range of key test technologies. Our engineers have deep expertise in developing flexible test software suites using the National Instruments LabView platform. Using this platform we often collaborate directly with our customer's design team to co-develop the test system software interface. When designing electronic testers we rely heavily on our experience with spring probes or pogo pins. Using this unit contact approach as often as possible results in a more reliable and maintainable tester. It also enables us to design multi-surface mechanical clamshells that can accurately probe points on a unit under test that may not have been well suited for other test approaches.

Milwaukee Electronics' test development team is a broad mix of electrical test engineers and highly capable engineering technicians. Our staff has the technical strength to tackle test needs from the most basic power on electrical tester to complex automated test machines.